Josiah’s Five Months

Josiah’s now five months old! I remembered that it was the 28th and not the 29th. He’s getting so big. He’s somewhere between 17 and 20 lbs…I’m banking close to 20 just because he’s so heavy!! He’s very social. So much so that he doesn’t want to nap! Bedtimes are going easier and Mark and I are enjoying not having to tiptoe around the house. He is reaching out for everything, toys, our food, our drinks. And tonight after church, he rolled from his back to his belly. He’s been going to the side for awhile but tonight he went all the way over. He was a little shocked he was on his belly but quickly went to chewing on his favorite toy. Here are some pictures (told ya they were coming).

A visit with Ge and Granddaddy earlier in the month! He loved laughing and watching them.

His new bather! What fun! Really it is!

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