July Kid Randoms

Photo dump time for July!

DSC_2178 DSC_2394 IMG_20150701_133548_443 IMG_20150702_151610_896 I love having kitchen helpers.IMG_20150706_174308_137 Trying okra for the first time.  It got two thumbs up too!


First Krispy Kreme.  Yep.  Two thumbs up as well.IMG_20150714_094045 IMG_20150714_134138

Double pig tails!  She finally has enough hair.
IMG_20150716_192926855 IMG_20150717_155852587

Fort sticks…one of the best and most fun toys we own!

IMG_20150720_072116_266 Waiting to get fingerprints with immigration.  Our selfies are awesome.IMG_20150720_192954_908 IMG_20150720_193024_798 Rain shower in the summer means ice cream break in the garage.

IMG_20150721_091216_382 My hearts.IMG_20150721_200436709 Opening a gift of a watch from a friend.

IMG_20150723_094634 Curled up with Babbitt the Rabbit, unnamed pony and Dr. Snuggles.  IMG_20150723_160424_985 First milkshakes

IMG_20150727_140628_493 Lego Junior building success with two funny brothers.IMG_20150727_140635_875 IMG_20150728_194334_450

“Hello!”  Practicing her phone skills early.IMG_20150729_131705_220 IMG_20150729_131708_354 Playing in the rain.IMG_20150730_200343244 Posing before bed.


Early morning snuggles.

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