July Randoms

I will catch up in January!  I will!

Malachi preparing a wonderful dish for everyone. Sometimes two bows are better than one. Cuddles from Emmie mean so much more these days. When you have your hands full of milk but Hop Hop needs to hang out with you too. I walked in to the girls room and discovered this.  The army men have been defeated by the princesses.  Poor guys. Before Mark and I set out out on our travels, Tracy and I squeezed in some friend time.  We went fancy and opted for dessert at Cracker Barrel.  It was totally worth it too. Smudge is ready for school to start back. Reading. Seriously  ya’ll…cuddles with this girl are amazing.  We have eight months of cuddles to make up for. The kids’ pediatrician has chalkboards…this and books make my kids happy. Emmie praying.  The cuteness…ahhh We were able to dog-sit for a friend and the kids loved it to no end.  She is a very fun, very hyper yorkie mix and Sunny, our 14 year old, turned in to a giant puppy when she arrived.  They had a blast together.  But, when it was nap time, the puppy eagerly found a person to cuddle with.

And one more cuddle picture to end our July pics.

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