June Randoms

We had big plans one evening to take the kids to a frozen yogurt places grand re-opening.  However, their re-opening was a bit more successful than they had anticipated and they were closed and completely sold out by the time we got there.  Quick stop at the store, and we had our own frozen yogurt/ice cream gathering! Emmie loves to wear flexi clips and often wants to get a picture of them. Rite of passage.  Liam learning to cut grass. Grandmere found this cute fabric and I had a chance to make it in to a dress!  Emmie loved it.

Late one evening, Bryant was playing with the metal toy shopping cart.  Pushing down on it, it popped up and met Bryant’s chin.  Consultations via text and a quick run to get liquid bandages and he was all bandaged up.  Another ER stitch avoided.

Since Zoe finished her orthodontic adventures, Josiah and Ace were evaluated next.  Josiah had a tooth come out prematurely and, as a result, the other teeth moved forward.  He won the next round of braces because he needed to make room for the new adult tooth.


In June, we found that Facebook now has a fun camera feature and the video of our bunch using it were too good not to share.

Okay, so I got in on it too.

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