June Randoms

Here is a feast for the eyes of our June and kids…DSC_1808 My reminder that they can get along.  At least when a camera is out.DSC_1830 Bags were the theme for this little lady.  She had a bag at every waking moment…and a few sleeping ones too.DSC_1835 DSC_1850 Y the brave is home…and it’s back to running around everywhere.IMG_20150605_165056_095 We were blessed with a load of curriculum from a graduated homeschool mom.  She wanted to bless a family that could use it to raise money.  This was our curriculum and hers combined.  With what I sold at our local used book sale and what I sold online, I made a good dent in our curriculum budget.IMG_20150607_105451_121 Sweet Emmie hugs.  If you had to have me name the number one negative thing about the halo it is not getting these.  We still get cuddles but they are nothing like this now.  Definitely something to look forward to next Spring.IMG_20150607_180446709Zoe met a storm trooper.
IMG_20150608_200534_279 More cuddles.  More bags.IMG_20150610_192537_430 And more  bags.IMG_20150610_193148_315 Did we mention she went through a bag phase?IMG_20150612_165918212 Ah, no bags…Water!  Another favorite.IMG_20150613_122440_494 And chocolate.IMG_20150613_122450_356 Chocolate is good.IMG_20150616_214413_582 With a couple of weeks before her new brace was complete, we had to go to desperate measures and try to mend some parts that were tearing (fyi, it didn’t work).IMG_20150617_140732_285 Snuggles.  Ah.  I loves them.IMG_20150618_164851_305 And Cindy Lou Who.IMG_20150619_131225_673 Learning to dip.IMG_20150620_182651_314More chocolate.IMG_20150626_085000_527 IMG_20150626_091223785

Learning to climb stairs.


Enjoying some splash pad fun.

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