June Visiting

We got to see Ge and Granddaddy twice in June.  One was for Emmie’s brace off appointment (those pictures coming this week) and the other was for MRI time.  I keep telling Ge that we’ll actually come for a real-life visit that isn’t wrapped around a medical appointment.  I promise.img_20160610_181322607

Emmie discovered the joys of a water fountain to cool her feet off.img_20160610_182138265 And Ge’s iPad was a hit! img_20160611_095122743 img_20160611_095130924 Zoe and I ran to Goodwill to look fro some summer clothes and came across this gem. img_20160611_145508138

Yep, a book about the Netherlands.

But when we opened it:

img_20160611_145500717It was written in Mandarin Chinese (or Cantonese…I don’t know the difference)!

img_20160611_194357613 Emmie and I grabbed a selfie, because, no brace.img_20160612_085913316 img_20160612_085923169 Enjoying a little Steak n’ Shake in style.img_20160612_105316263

Pull out electronics and my kids will quiet down and gather around.

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