Kid Dates

Before Y came, we wanted to get in some one on one time with the kids.  It’s important for us to be able to spend time with the kids to catch up on their lives without a little or big demanding our attention.  I wish we did this more frequently.  But, hopefully, we can be more intentional.  They so look forward to it and when we started the date nights, they all started plotting and planning what we would do.


For some reason, we didn’t get pictures of each kid out.  But we did capture quite a few.IMG_20150608_181152_704 Ace and I discovered Which Which and that was it for a majority of the kids.  They had a great promotion to decorate a bag for a soldier.  Our creation above!IMG_20150618_182229_010Bryant wanted to go to Which too, of course.  We rocked the selfie and the bag!
IMG_20150620_113732094Malachi voted for frozen yogurt and was quite settled in his seat with his massive mound of treats.


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