Kids say the craziest things…

Okay, I wasn’t going to post this, but then I realized it was out of sheer embarrassment on my part…however, if I get to embarras my kids with the things they say, might as well get me in on the deal too.

I went to Goodwill today in search of a nice outfit for Easter (for me). It was me and all three kids. So, we searched the racks and then headed into the dressing room (me and the three kids). As I was changing from one outfit to another, Ace starts making comments.

“Whoa, Mommy you have a weally big belly!”
“It’s because Josiah’s in there, remember?!”
“Mommy, you’re naked shiney hiney.”
“Yes, Ace, because mommy’s trying on clothes. Please use your quiet voice.”

I can only imagine what the other patrons were thinking, hearing my son yell. I thought it was quite funny, though!

One thought on “Kids say the craziest things…

  1. Wow, I know the feeling…. You have to have no shame to be a mom in the dressing room or bathroom, right?! Did you read that story in the MOMsense mag about the mom going potty w/ her daughter cheering her on?? It was soooo funny.

    Hope you found something pretty! (and warm, right?!)

    You’re sling is super cute and fun–great job!


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