Kidz Blitz Live!

Our church recently hosted Kidz Blitz Live for the children and parents! It was a blast! Very high energy. Lots of fun silly games and good clean competition but it all came together to really share Christ and our need to have Him as our Savior. The games gradually led into that message and there were 14 decisions to accept Christ that night! I also noticed Zoe looking like she really had some serious questions, but just not quite feeling the Spirit move yet.

If you’re interested in hosting a Kidz Blitz event, contact them through the link above or through their phone number, 800-467-1711

How Liam spent the night…he said the music was too loud. It was his daddy doing the sound, too!

Two of the volunteers who go to our church got to participate in one of the games. Eating a donut from a rope!

The final challenge with one of Zoe’s friends, M, in the yellow shirt in the back.
They shot toilet paper from the balcony and the floor using an air blower and then we had to pass it up and put it all over a kid volunteer! Very funny!! Mark and I want one of those toilet paper shooting things. He figured it would work really good to tp someone’s home! Get it done before they realized that someone wasn’t blowing leaves…

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