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He flooded the kitchen again…not the kitchen actually, it was the dining area but since we have an eat in kitchen, it was the kitchen, just a different part. He’s rediscovered the cat/dog water bowl and decided it would be fun to play in it. While I was on the phone with Mark in the playroom, he proceeded to not only drench himself but the whole floor and to carry small bits of Sunny’s (our dog) food from her bowl to the water bowl. Poor Sunny looked on in sheer agony! Since listening to how I should “delight” in my children, I didn’t yell. I did realize he was doing what he always does…exploring. However, since he kept going back to it, he had to be disciplined because we had told him no and I had told him several times after the flooding that we didn’t play with the dog water. At least I didn’t loose my cool!

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