“Lovely” followup

Well, it’s fixed. It was the pressure switch, but I’m not sure if trash actually caused the problem or not. When I dug into the control panel I think the tube was actually disconnected from the switch (i.e., it didn’t pass the “Is it plugged in?” test). So all is well now and the carpet is still drying, but all the other stuff that goes in the utility room is now back in its place.

Thanks for your prayers…there were actually several good things that came of this: 1) the small freezer that needed to be moved out, was (and was picked up today by a buyer) – this will give much needed extra space until the shelves are finished, 2) there were several cat “presents” in various places around the room that needed to be cleaned up, 3) the floor got a good wash which was kind of needed anyway – I think at least some of the water was draining under the back door before I helped it out, 4) the carpet that got wet really needed to be pulled up and thoroughly cleaned by a process like the wet/dry vac to clear out leftover Othello cat smell – you can clearly tell that area was harboring malodorous contents.

So, the point is that God always has a plan even in “tragedy”. It’s just hard to remember that in the thick of the fight/pain/struggles.


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