March Randoms

Enjoy this smathering of pictures highlighting the month of March.DSC_4766 DSC_4871 When Emmie first came home without the halo, she was unsteady on her feet.  But she fit in to a smaller stroller! She still helped do the dishes though!DSC_4896 IMG_20160301_123400052 The pantry is a great place to hide from mom and dad (and open a bag of chips nearby for a quiet snack.).IMG_20160301_172331262 We got a new tricycle for Emmie that has sides on it.  More for our peace of mind than hers.IMG_20160302_114252904 IMG_20160302_114315348_HDR Just taking a picture with The Godfather of Funk.  Our city has undertaken a great art project.  Local artists were commissioned to paint the light boxes all over the city.  When we visited downtown in March, the kids had to get a picture with the James Brown box.IMG_20160305_132443079_HDR Our annual PJ Day at Bruster’s Ice Cream.  If ya’ll have one near you, every March, they offer free ice cream if you come in your pjs!  It’s totally worth the embarrassment.IMG_20160307_181305498 Emmie received this crocheted bunny rabbit as a gift from a neighbor.  This bunny has been through a CT scan, surgery and many other things faithfully.  Emmie named him Hop Hop and loves to take him on adventures.  The other day, she had Hop Hop holding hands with Baby so they could take a nap.  I really need to see if I commission our neighbor to make an identical one so that Hop Hop can get a bath in the washing machine without causing major trauma to Emmie.
IMG_20160307_181318295 IMG_20160309_112412343_HDR This breaks my heart even now.  Emmie fell out of chair in March.  It scared me deeply and meant an extra trip to the neurosurgeon and extra x-rays.  About twenty minutes after the fall, she was doing this.  She had gotten up, walked over to the cat toy and sat down to play with Winter.IMG_20160310_104211413 Ceili Rain was proud of her wedgit tower!IMG_20160313_160358056 Emmie.  And chocolate.  Enough said.IMG_20160316_140814000_HDR IMG_20160317_111454304 What happens when you brace yourself on wooden poles while moving a heavy object upstairs.  Ya’ll take a guess who did this.IMG_20160318_165520034

We have a very talented niece who lovingly made this for Zoe and sent it to her!  Super cute!IMG_20160319_153625293 Teenagers and their teenage friends.IMG_20160325_113046455 Date day.  Made possible by great friends who willingly take on all eight of your children.IMG_20160326_095153278 Schoolwork.IMG_20160326_095208853 IMG_20160327_201529182 This was the first time Emmie has actually sat down to play with someone other than her family.  It was so fun watching her play with Miss T and interacting with her.  IMG_20160329_113034165_HDR Cuisinaire Rod Art by JosiahIMG_20160331_091222380 Yes, you have my precious.IMG_20160331_093305787 Toothpaste Man.IMG_20160331_093314951 Um, Odd Man Out?!IMG_20160331_093332061 Thoughtful CeiRaiIMG_20160331_093346699 Queen Armadillo (I know that’s not her name but take quite delight in messing it up so the kids can correct me)IMG_20160331_102508574 Rocking it with smiles the day affter surgery.  She has two bows in her hair because that’s what she asked for.IMG_20160331_113908152_HDRNaptime on mommy.  She was still feeling the effects of the meds the day after surgery.

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