Here’s Your Sign!

Mark and I loved Bill Engvall’s song and “bit” about “Here’s Your Sign” when people say some pretty silly things.

Here are few “Here’s Your Sign!” moments recently.

I thought I had ordered a new tire for Zoe’s bike from a bike shop. Unfortunately, there was some miscommunication, I think on my part, and they had ordered a wheel. So I asked the overly friendly (almost flirtatious…with my wedding band showing and obvious statements that I was married) clerk if I could purchase a white wheel at another store.

“Does it have to be white?” clerk
“Yes, it’s for a princess bike.”
“Ohh,” smiling clerk, “For a girl?”
“Umm, yes for my daughter!”

Here’s your sign…and your business card with your personal phone number back!!! (Okay, really, when I say that my husband can put it on, why in the world would you give me a card and write your number on the back. He said it was so I could call him and order a white tire if I couldn’t find one from somewhere else…really…it’s not that important that I need to call a complete stranger about. I told Mark and I didn’t feel comfortable going there so we won’t be back and I’ll probably just order bike stuff online, at the superstore, or another one of the many bike places around here…sorry, I got off on a tangent.)

And Mark’s: We were loading up the car at a pit stop on the way to my grandfather’s funeral a couple of weeks ago. Mark had unlocked the doors and left the keys in the door keyhole. As he’s unloading and loading kids, a very nice older lady said, “Don’t forget your keys in the door!” Mark smiled said thanks, and then realized…ummm, we wouldn’t go anywhere without them!

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