May Randoms

Our May photo dump will commence now.DSC_5072 IMG_20160503_115751355 Double piggies and a fun cooking apron.IMG_20160503_174708094_HDR First time swimming in nine months.  This was one happy girl.  We were glad to see her love for the water hadn’t changed.IMG_20160503_185556035_HDR We have Taco Tuesday every week.  This one Tuesday, she decided she liked tomatoes.  And grabbed the serving bowl.  And dumped them on her plate and ate them all.IMG_20160508_111136 We were so excited that we had Mark’s mom, Grandmere on Mother’s Day.  Having a baby close to Mother’s Day has its advantages.  Malachi, our resident snuggler, was super happy to get cuddles during church.IMG_20160508_114317574 Mother’s Day.  Holding our baby close.  It was a good day.IMG_20160508_120520303_HDR Papa snuck in some cuddles too.IMG_20160508_181434449 Zoe and Mark made a yummy fruit pizza for a church fellowship.  It was completely gone by the end of the night.IMG_20160508_194258772 My lap was full.IMG_20160509_192016354 Emmie loves to stack and build.IMG_20160519_104037732 So does Ceili Rain.IMG_20160522_090550970_HDR First time riding facing forward.IMG_20160522_172840144_HDR And three out at the same time.  A record.IMG_20160530_094209944 Double piggies and patriotic.  IMG_20160531_165407952 Puzzles are a thing around here.  They like to put them together several pieces out and then put those back in.  This was a difficult puzzle but with only a few pieces left, Bryant decided to tackle it.  With great concentration.

There is always music (or some other noise) in our house.  Always.

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