May Randoms

All of our May normal-ness rolled up into one post.

Ceili Rain enjoys reading to her brothers and sister.

We lit up our house to “Shine a Light” on NF!  Really, these two little spot lights were super cheap and cast a perfect glow for NF Awareness. Sometimes, video time is sleepy time for Emmie. We had a very cold snap in May.  Emme and Bryant decided to dress for the occassion.  Complete with short short skirt, shorts, and no shoes…and don’t forget the winter coat. We found out the week of that our local theater troupe was doing a school performance of their Beauty and the Beast show.   I didn’t really think there was any chance I could snag 10 tickets to see the school performance (which was around $5 a person) but decided it was worth a shot.  It turned out they still had tickets available and Emmie got to see her Belle and Beast on stage!  She was thrilled.  They put on a great show too!

Ace built a Studio C ‘C’ for a competition.  He didn’t win but I thought it was pretty creative. These boys were not super excited when we swapped their rooms around and put them together.  That quickly changed and we can often find them playing together or reading before lights out. Raising awareness on NF awareness day, May 17th. Malachi was an overachiever and decided he wouldn’t lose his first tooth…but his first two teeth!

Emmie and flexis are pretty standard wear on Sundays. Daddy selfies are always fun.

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