Meet the Newest to the Bunch

Today we had our ultrasound for our little #10.  We were all pretty excited.  However, I have to admit I was little nervous.  We have been blessed with a great pregnancy, but I still get a little apprehensive.

Anyway, baby is doing wonderful.  Wiggles, kicks, punches and general busyness of being in the womb  is always so exciting to see.

At first, we didn’t think baby would cooperate because the arms went straight to the front as the tech tried to go to the most important part.  In the end, she was sneakier than baby!

Yep!  Our 7th boy is on the way!

Internet World meet Tobin Asher!

We had our girl’s name chosen for a long time but deciding on what name God had for a little boy proved to take us a little while.  Then we stumbled upon Tobin.  Tobin means “God is good.”  Asher means “Blessed.”  We pray our Tobin Asher grows to understand how good our God is and how blessed not only we are that he is a part of our family but how blessed he is by God’s love.

We’re all getting excited about seeing our little man and getting those sweet baby snuggles in!

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