Meet Tot

In July, while we were in Ukraine, Ginger the Dog got very sick.  Sadly, she passed away while we were flying home.  It was very sad and we all miss her and called Sunny Ginger for several days.

A long time ago, I started researching different dog breeds and had decided that Cavalier King Charles Spaniels would be a good dog breed for our family.  I laughed and told Mark that I did all this research but we’ll probably wind up with a good ol’ mutt rescue dog (when we were ready to get another dog…this was before Ginger got sick) because that is just where our heart is.  He laughed and shrugged it off.

The week before we left for our court date in Ukraine, a neighbor posted that she needed to re-home her full blooded cocker spaniel.  Her work schedule had changed and she was, sadly, not able to spend as much time with him as she wanted.  Mark agreed we could all go meet him.  We took Sunny along to make sure she approved.  And all of us fell in love.  She wholeheartedly agreed to keep him until we returned stateside.  The kids and I picked him up on our way in from me getting home.
So, blog world, meet Tot.  He had a big brother named Tater…cute, huh?  Anyway, he answers to Tot, Totty, Tots and anything else I call him.  He is definitely “my” dog and I am perfectly okay with that.  We were excited that he is four years old (no puppy quirks) and housebroken!  All bonuses for us right now.  Mark is confident he’ll never get a puppy again (working on that one).  And I am confident that spaniels are the only dog I’ll own (until we rescue a mutt…yeah, I can’t give those cuties up).

Emmie says, “My Tot.”  And sometimes, she recognizes that he is “Our Tot.”  But Bryant is a good cuddler and Tot knows that!

He likes to bring people gifts when they come over.  If you visit, you’ll be greeted with happy barks and a toy…either a kids toy or his green and white polka dot bone.

Winter was trying to escape and decided Tot’s cage was a good place to hang.I did NOT put my large, elderly dog in the cage…we had left it open for a safe place for Tot while he adjusted to our crazy house. We looked and Sunny had gone in and was just sitting there.  I think she is in denial that she is elderly.  Sweet girl.

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