Merry Christmas 2016

We had a different Christmas gift tradition we started this year.  Still not sure we’ll do it every year, but it worked for this year.  We chose to give the kids experiences instead of more stuff.  Ya’ll, we have a ton of stuff.  A ton!  They really don’t need stuff.  So, after lots of brainstorming, we decided to take a trip to a homeschool conference where their current favorite author (who just happens to be one of my most favorite musician/artist/songwriter) as well as a trip to The Ark Encounter and Creation Museum.
Lining up to go to the Sibling Shop.  The kids draw names and then “shop” in the goodies available for that sibling.

All the kids gathered together to hear What God Wants for Christmas. Okay, we did get them a few small things and some stocking gifts (which are dvds or audio cds).
Tot got some fun ears. Trying to figure out where they were going.

See, I was there too!

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