Modesty Battles…or Trying to Find a Swimsuit that Doesn’t Show…

…my you know whats! Anyway, this post is for the girls so if there are any guys who read…just ignore.

I’m on the hunt for another swimsuit that will cover my areas…particularly upper body and my mummy tummy…that I still have…after almost a whole year…yeah, I know! Being picky, I would also like one that covers the stretch marks on my upper legs…yeah, I know not everyone gets them, but I do.

See, here’s the deal. I have a daughter and with her has come the realization that I am created in God’s image and that He would prefer for me to be covered and not allow anyone to sin. That does not mean, to me, that I should walk around covered from head to toe…it does mean, for me, that my chest and rear should not be sticking out. However, finding clothes like that is so hard. I’m learning, slowly, to layer (I feel like I’m going to look like a doof if I do it wrong…and believe me I can). I’m hoping that I can set a good example for Zoe (and for the boys and what they are looking for in a mate).

Back to the swimsuit ordeal. I love the Land’s End Swim Minis…they cover and have cute skirts and they look nice on. The cost, however, I don’t like. Here’s the deal with Land’s End, though…. Check out their overstocks. About three years ago when I was lucky enough not to need a maternity swimsuit (how rare does that happen), I found a skirted swimsuit (I believe it was a Swim Mini) in their outlet/overstock for under $25! No joke. And it still looks great.

So, I have one nice, stylish, cute swimsuit but I’m in need of another because we are planning on going swimming multiple times a week and wearing a wet swimsuit over and over just does not sound appealing…or healthy.

I struck out Saturday as I went to a couple of stores (read–I was in tears because I couldn’t find one that fit or covered). I plan on going to a few more this weekend and if I don’t find any, I’ll look at purchasing one from one of these websites (for anyone else on a never ending, unsuccessful swimsuit search here’s my list):
Land’s End (again…overstocked/on sale swim minis!)
Modbe (these are really pricey, but since I can wear the same swimsuits every year, the price is worth it for modesty and durability and will pay for itself in two years)
Diviine Modesty (about the same price as Modbe…these are both great because you can buy skirts to match and mix and match…meaning multiple purchases over the years gives you a nice variety…I also love how long these tops are…and the fabrics are really cute…they have girls swimsuits for $39 which is not bad)
Lime Ricki Swimwear (I stumbled on this site from google and like the fun fabrics and options of skirts…these are also the cheapest. I’m a little leery because the bottoms look a little low waisted…meaning my mummy tummy would stick out or be bumpy. I favor a high waisted bottom to help suck in my stretched belly…yeah, I know it’s gross but I’m trying to honest here)

And there is my modest swimwear list. I know there are several others, but the styles seem a bit to the extreme and outdated to me…These all have cute and what, in my opinion is stylish (which isn’t saying much, I know dear friends) swimsuits.

4 thoughts on “Modesty Battles…or Trying to Find a Swimsuit that Doesn’t Show…

  1. I feel your pain Abbie…I too, am very modest when it comes to trying to cover up. It is SO hard to find something comfortable and modest. I went to a store the other day to find a swimsuit and walk out of there mad at the world. :o) I’m gonna have to break down and buy an expensive suit as well. I don’t know why everything has to be so low cut you feel like your gonna “fall out” of your top. Good luck on your search!

  2. ditto ditto ditto! I’ve tried on no less than 50 swim suits this month, and I found one that I mostly like, is definitely not perfect, but is ok. It is SO hard! If I didn’t have the “upper body” that I do, it was be much much much easier. Everything has a structured “top” section and that just cannot work for me. I loved loved loved my maternity suit last summer and thought about having it altered so I could still wear it! But there’s no coming back from fitting 220 lbs in there! 🙂 And I sold it. Anyway, I feel your pain. And every suit I wanted on Lands End was backordered. Annoying b/c I was excited that they sell tops for D/DD. Oh well. Maybe next year!

    Good luck!!!


  3. Abbie, After 3 years of looking and getting the cheap ones that only work for one year, I broke down this year and went with Land’s End. I got the swim shorts, however, cause I hate my legs on a good day:) I LOVE the suit I got. I even got a cute halter that doesn’t dip low but is more square cut. With 3 guys in my house, I am also constantly aware that how I look affects them and how they see girls. I need to set the example especially when I see so many moms who don’t set one or have their daughters set it.(I wish for my sons’ sakes more moms realized that) Good hunting!! I will say that my Land’s End suit is probably the best $80 I’ve spent on me in a long time and I feel good going out to swim now!!

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