My Life is Far From Boring!

Apparently, Ace has some sort of rash/hive outbreak on his arm. It looks pretty gross and is slowly spreading from his upper arm down to his elbow on the outside of the arm and then to the inside. I contacted his doctor, and she told me to use an anti-fungal cream on it until we see her on Friday. If it continues to spread, I may try and see her tomorrow. He says it doesn’t hurt but occasionally complains when I touch it or put medicine on it. He scratches it some, but not often. We’re trying to figure out what it could be from. So far, I think it’s either from switching back to conventional milk (we were using organic but the store went up in price on it so we swapped back) or a sudden reaction to his Singulair (that he takes for the unknown allergies that cause chronic rhinitis…aka a chronic runny nose). All that to say, pray that it goes away soon. I always am concerned about my kids and when Ace’s body does something strange (it’s always bound to…especially his skin), I worry more..I know I should pray and I am doing that too.

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