My Sweet Kids

How cute are they?! It’s safe to say that Josiah adores his big sister and big brothers! Zoe’s getting to be his favorite though.

This week during school we talked about the moon and astronauts. The kids made a space shuttle and went to the moon. Here’s their shuttle!

Yesterday, we took Zoe and Liam to build their “bear” at BABW for their birthday. Zoe picked out this nice pink leopard (surprised?!). Liam picked out a monkey. Well, we picked it out for him and he picked out the Spiderman shirt. After the trip to BABW, we headed to see Santa. We got there just in time because school buses were unloading. Zoe and Ace went straight to see Santa and told him what they wanted. Liam handed him his new monkey.

For those that don’t know or are just tuning in, Santa only brings one thing to our house. The kids get three gifts from us and one of them is usually a gift for all of them. Well, Zoe and Ace told Santa what they wanted and then he asked them what else. They froze. They had no clue what he was talking about. So, Ace said he wanted a candy cane. Mark and I were proud of them and their lack of greediness. Next year, we’ll have to coach Santa ahead of time to just bring one thing for each kid.

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