My Take on the Olympics Thus Far

I’m giving everyone until Friday to vote on who they think my hiding child was.

Our favorite to watch: Michael Phelps and the swimming. Very fun and interesting by far! Track is really my favorite but it hasn’t started yet.

Four (okay five) words for the women’s volleyball “uniforms”: Sand in your pants! Owww!

Mark just informed me that for two hours during the Opening Ceremonies, one of the screens (scrims) around the arena had the “Windows blue screen of death” on it because one of their Windows operations wouldn’t work (so it went blank…get it…it took me a second too). Very funny!

Just read today that the cute little girl who “sang” during the opening ceremonies was lip syncing because the girl with the beautiful voice was not deemed “pretty” enough. I saw a picture and thought she was really cute. She was 6 or 7 years old, so it’s not like she’s going to look like she’s 20! Ughh. Standards for China are so messed up. Maybe that’s why there are so many little girls with fixable problems that are tossed aside. I need to get off that high horse. Sorry!

Oh, and I wanted to mention one to watch is Ryan Hall. He’s a marathon runner and a bold witness for Christ. We found him last Spring on GodTube. I believe his event won’t be until next Sunday (or Monday for them…not sure which). Watch for him if you can!

Here’s a clip from part of his story:

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