My Thoughts on Twins…

Well, I was asked to share my thoughts. Personally, I think it would be very funny if we were blessed with twins. Not to mention a pure miracle.

Statistically, our chances of getting pregnant with twins are very low. So, here are the factors that are needed/favorable to have twins and how we compare to Mark’s brother and his wife.

Hereditary: Increases chances if it’s on the mom’s side only. And it’s not, at all to my knowledge. It does run in Aunt B’s side of the family, though.

My age: I’m not over 35. I won’t comment on Aunt B’s age only to say that she wasn’t 35 when she became pregnant with the twins.

Maternal Weight and Height: Hmmm! I’m taller and I’m a lot heavier than when I started this motherhood thingy…there’s one factor that could affect us having twins. I’m overweight but not obese which could drop my chances there, but I am tall.

Been Pregnant Before: let’s see, yep, that’s happened. Apparently with each pregnancy the chance of twins increases.

I still don’t see it as a strong possibility given the lack of history in my family. That being said, I know God has a good sense of humor and if we had twins it would be solely because of Him. It would also be pretty neat because Aunt B and Uncle B’s twins were #5 & 6 and that would keep us even, as we seem to keep staying at the same amount for a little while. I will also say that I’ve been praying that would be able to adopt twin girls, however, I’m trying to remember if I specifically said adoption or not. Hmmm, can’t remember. Doesn’t really matter because God is control anyway!!

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