Neat Photography and Oh No What Happened to the Moon

The following was done with our rinky dink digital camera and my very smart engineering husband who figured out how to do this…I just played with the sparklers!

This is supposed to be a heart, but the camera got started a second late and our kids ran out of sparklers…no fair!

When we talked about planets a couple of weeks ago, we (mainly I) inflated all the planets we had received as gifts and we (mainly Mark) hung them up in our playroom/schoolroom/office area). Before we hung them up, though, we had to have a little fun with them.

Here’s Liam burning Ace up with the Sun!!! At least Ace is happy about it.

Josiah, the sleeper, likes the taste of the moon better. I guess it really is made of cheese.

It’s late, I’m extremely tired (Josiah no sleep this morning or late this afternoon), I’m goofy, and we’ve got MOPS tomorrow. More later.

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