Need Some Input…

So, I was trying to find a new t-shirt that said just what I needed it to say.

Something like:

Yes, they’re all mine.
Yes, we know what causes it (can’t you see we like it).
Yes, we’re expecting, again.
No, the baby’s not an accident (but planned by God).
Yes, we’re thrilled!

Hmmm, what do you think??

Yep, here comes another one on March 17th.

Now here’s the details for all you nosy people who have to know! And because I want to share.

We weren’t “planning” on getting pregnant…hello?! We’re working on an adoption right now and wanted to add to our family exclusively through that. We still feel that adoption is God’s will for us. However, we also just really didn’t “worry” about preventing for our own personal reasons, knowing that if God wanted us to get pregnant again, we would.

I thought there might be a chance of a #5 last month, but it didn’t turn out so. I was convinced we wouldn’t have to worry about it this month…God is in control…He knows we’re adopting, etc.

I decided that since my “friend” didn’t show up on it’s appointed day (trust me, I’m like clockwork), then I would go ahead and do a test the next day. I had felt a little nausea, a lot of tiredness (mostly attributed to getting ready for and going camping) and a lot of irritability. I still didn’t think much about those symptoms, but since there was no evidence otherwise I decided to test.

Surprise, surprise! One word (it was one of those new fangled, can’t second guess digital tests): Pregnant!

I didn’t tell Mark about the test or my symptoms (except he knew I was always tired…but I’m always tired). So, I devised a plan. I bought a maternity shirt and more tests (just to make sure it wasn’t confused…it wasn’t). My spring/summer maternity clothes missed the spring consignment sale because we couldn’t find them. I am now convinced that the house ate them…along with Zoe’s ballet leotard from last year. Okay, back to the story. I put on the maternity shirt and met him at the door when he got home…I just couldn’t wait. I asked him if he liked it (I didn’t…too low cut and very uncomfortable on top), and he said yes.

“You don’t think it makes me look pregnant?”
“Umm,” he says as he looks me up and down.
At this point I was grinning and had to say something quick or I would bust…
“Because that’s what I was goin’ for.”
Biggest I’ve ever seen his eyes get! He stammered out, “Your pregnant!”
That was funny.

We were both in shock all day, but I think it’s finally sinking in. It’s a good sweet surprised shock that God has truly blessed us with children! As opposed to an, “Oh my gosh, what are we going to do and how are we going to cope with another child.” Like adding another child will really throw our family for a loop…hmm, I can handle four but five, oh no!!

As far as adoption, we’ll be continuing on with it. There are no restrictions on waiting, etc while you are pregnant. By the time we finish with the adoption this baby will probably be around 1 or so. We’ll just have to pay a little bit more to update our home study after the baby is born.

5 thoughts on “Need Some Input…

  1. No input, just wanted to be the first to say, “Congratulations!’ via the web. I am living viacariously through you, you know. God definitely knows what he is doing!

  2. CONGRATS you guys! Welcome to the #5 club. And BTW, those commnets are only going to get worse now. Just thought I would share the love!:) So happy for you guys! Maybe this one will be a girl!

  3. congratulations!! yay for you, abbie and mark! i shall live vicariously through you as well =)! i’m very happy for you!

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