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Nope, Tobin isn’t here yet.  We’re still in July on this here ol’ blog.  When we lost our sweet Sunny girl at the end of May, we were left with a big hole in our family.  Tot, our little cocker spaniel acted out some and seemed generally lonely.  I started searching for a dog that would fit in our family and stumbled upon a rescue shelter near our home.  They listed a cute little three year old “cockapoo” and we decided we needed to meet her.

She fit right in.  She was a puppy mill dog and had been rescued in October of last year along with her puppies that, we were told looked like cocker spaniels and poodles.  Her name was Molly but I felt like she looked like a Lulu from the moment we met her.  She met the kids and just got right in the midst of them happy as can be.  Tot was excited to meet her too.

And home with us she went.  After a bit of work on potty training. She has settled in to be a great dog for our family and a good companion for Tot.  She is more than willing to give Emmie some kisses every time she requests it and loves to curl up with any kid that calls her to snuggle up.  She cuddles with Tot when we head out (sharing a crate because they want to) and loves to get cuddles with us every evening.

We’re pretty certain she was abused by a man and took awhile to cuddle up with Mark and trust him.  But now she’s as happy as can be with him.

The most fun thing is that when she gets excited she can jump about 5 and half feet straight up.  I would love to train her to do it on command. Because of this little talent…and the lack of curly hair, several of us thinks she is part springer spaniel and part English pointer.  Who knows!  She’s 100% a part of our family now.

Every night Tot and Lulu conspie to take over our bed.  Mark hasn’t given in yet. Lulu loves to cuddle with her toys after she properly “dismembers” them. And cuddle with Emmie when she sneaks in to our bed in the mornings. Tobin makes a great doggy pillow.

Thankfully, Lulu loves to go as much as Tot and our family!  She’s a great traveling dog.  Okay, well, she drools when gets excited and then loves to cuddle with Zoe.

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