November Randoms

So, November’s random pictures are pretty much all with Tobin in them.  With a few exceptions.  Maybe I should call this one November Tobins.  Yes.  We’re all in love. Daddy cuddles are the best. This was our Tobin at 2 weeks.  No.  Joke.   The boys love to play in the volleyball pit when they have to wait on the girls at American Heritage Girls. It took Malachi over a week, but he finally agreed to hold Tobin.  He was very nervous about holding him this time.

Baby wearing…another M.I.T. (Mama In Training) Be still my heart.
He outgrew his co-sleeper after a couple of weeks. Napping is such hard work. Emmie and Ace enjoyed some special one on one time on our trip to Atlanta. Look!  Tobin finally got hair! Milk drunk.  After a good nursing, he is comatose for about five minutes.

Zoe, Ace, and Emmie were playing pretend and I caught them.  They refused a video though.

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