One Big Update!!

Ughhh, sorry for not posting sooner. Our days have been filled with three preschoolers and nights are full of construction.

We’ll start with construction…we’re pretty much done. Still waiting on shingles, door knobs and a/c vent covers. However, WE are not done with construction. We got closets up and we’re using the bathroom. All that is left to do in our master bath is paint the trim and put up some blinds! Our closet needs the trim painted and the rest of the closet furniture installed (shelves/drawers). And yes, it is WONDERFUL!!! I love our closet and all the room we have in there. The bathroom is very luxurious…at least it is for me. I have gotten to take a bath and when you take a shower, you don’t bump into the wall or the curtain! The boys’ bathroom needs to be finished painting, trim needs painting and a new mirror and shelves for their closet installed…that’s all! Ha! That’s a lot. I’m pushing to finish up so we can clean the house next week.

Of course, our bedroom has to be painted and furniture removed and one piece added. The windows should be in in a few weeks and then the boys’ bathtub should be ready to rebath in July.

We went to see the baby doctor last Thursday. Josiah is doing fine. It was a quick visit and we go back the day we leave for vacation for a quick check. I’m gaining my usual large amounts fo weight (not sure how with all this reflux) but no concerns from my doc!

Zoe finished speech and ballet last week. We were thrilled with that. I have pictures from ballet and will post when I get caught up with everything else. She also finished up Awana on Sunday night and sang so pretty in choir!

Ace is pretty much potty trained! Keeping up with Zoe, he is really potty trained with #2 but #1 needs encouragement and reminders to go. Last Tuesday, we were so rushed and busy with ballet right after nap time, that I forgot to remind him to potty. I had intended to remind him when we got to ballet but it was very crazy. So, we were halfway through supper and I remembered that he hadn’t gone potty. He looked at us and said, “I just tee-teed a wittle bit…it’s just a wittle.” Hmmm?! Sure enough, he had gone just enough so he wasn’t uncomfortable but then finished after we prompted him to go.

The day after all the bruising/bumps/scratches incident, Zoe was spinning Ace in the swing. Ace was on his belly. Well, the swing is attached to the playfort and there is a big post in the middle. As I was saying, “Zoe be careful of the post…” she spun him around and his head whomped on the side of the post. It was a pretty hard hit and he didn’t even cry. I panicked thinking, “Well, this is our first er trip.” But he was fine and no concussion…thanks dad for teaching me how to look for those! He had a mean looking bruise that was conveniently covered by his floppy haircut.

Liam is…well, Liam. He’s into everything. We are anxiously awaiting doorknobs to keep him from diving head first into the toilets. He is still learning how NOT to climb on the table when we tell him to. He’s also picking up words… of which is “mama” Yippee! I now have a place in his vocabulary. He’s also saying “ba” for ball. And today we are working on “Papa” and “Ge” and the other grandparents (although those two names are the easiest). So far we have “Pa” for Papa and “Ge” and a big grin for Ge. Zoe is “oeeee” again with a big grin. Ace is “Aaaaa” with another big grin. Dada is always a treat to say and so is bye bye which is still “dye dye” and sometimes is actually “bye bye.”

I went today to get yet more work on my root canal. That lasted right at three hours…phew it was long, but thankfully not very painful…I almost fell asleep in the chair. One more visit should get the crown on and we’ll be done with that tooth.

Last up tonight is ballet graduation and I’m hoping they present the kids with their certificates before the end of the performance. That way, we can leave when the kids start getting zonked!

I’ll try and post pictures this week…no promises though.

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