One of Those Days…

Wow! First off, let me just say how cool, I’ve consistently gotten 50 hits per day over the past two days. Hmmm, I’m wondering if my counter is just counting me a lot of those times??

On to my lovely morning, have any of you mom’s ever had a day where you just wanted to pitch a temper tantrum and yell, “I’m the mommy! I’m in charge! Nananana!”? No? Okay, then just skip over this! Today has been that day (and no, I did not actually do that out loud, although I thought it several times). It took me over an hour to clean three small bathrooms thanks to two kids who argued and fought and yelled while Josiah was trying to nap. They helped clean but I’m only teaching them to clean their bathrooms, which left two bathrooms to clean while two other children fought/yelled/argued.

Next, we headed into Zoe’s room to clean it out. Oh, I forgot to mention that the social worker working on our home study will be doing her home visit on Monday. That visit combined with an upcoming birthday party, has prompted me to do some cleaning (read throwing away) out of several things. The boys’ room is fairly clean because we just are almost, close to, finishing the extra closet. Zoe’s room, hasn’t been sorted since Christmas! That took over an hour, too…mainly because as we were cleaning and straightening the boys came in and took out and played with and left. Lovely, huh?

At some point, Liam decided I needed to hold him right then, which was impossible since I was cleaning. Since he didn’t get his way, I had to move him to time out so I could continue. Ace has visited the outside steps since he thinks that yelling at me to get his way will work (hence, yelling is for outside not inside). Zoe’s been a dear but a little flighty for some reason. And at another time, Josiah just wanted me to hold him too which would have been hard.

Anyway, we’ve successfully cleaned/straightened three bathrooms, the kids play kitchen, and Zoe’s room. That leaves four more rooms to go!

And now, during quiet time, I will work on more lesson plans!

This is my gripe post. I’ll step down and be done with those for the month!

One thought on “One of Those Days…

  1. My goodness – was there something in the air yesterday or what? I just read your post and am cracking up because it sounds like you had a day like mine only you were at home with your day and I was trying to run errands! I’m glad I’m not alone in my days when I want to throw a tantrum!

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