One Year

One year ago, at the beginning of this month, all of a sudden our life was thrown in to a whirlspin.  We took a chance.  Our doctors tried something that really hadn’t been done on a 15 month old.

One year ago, today, our daughter was stuck in bed with a massive halo trying to stretch her neck straight.

IMG_20150813_121044041 IMG_20150818_183148

Six days in halo traction.  Eight months in a halo brace.  Seven more months in other types of neck braces (five of which her kyphosis broke) for a total of fifteen months in some type of neck stabilizing brace. Six months physical therapy.

Amazing what God can do in one year!  She laughs, and dances.  She squats and climbs.  She lays down and stands up. Chases dogs.  Talks to the cats.  She says, “I do it!” and usually can.  I saw her stand on her tip toes the other day.  She gives awesome hugs and kisses and ran to her grandparents this weekend to give hugs.  She waves when she sees people she knows and waves to her new big brother.  One year.  And here we are.


We celebrated with Emmie’s favorite things…chocolate chip cookies and icing.


Today we’re remembering and celebrating.  Remembering how far Emmie has come.  And celebrating what God has done!  Our Super Ems is a walking miracle.  We thank God for giving her doctors wisdom to help save our Emmie’s neck.

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