Our Pre-Christmas Travels Part 4

On Saturday we traveled to my parents and then on Sunday we traveled to see my aunt and met up with my niece, nephew and sister and her husband. On Monday we traveled home (yes!) and tried to catch up on sleep before Christmas day.

Josiah playing with cuz, Jacie.

The infamous football player!

Ace in present heaven!

Zoe really looks up to big cuz! Watch it Jacie bug, you have to live up to a lot with Miss Zoe around 🙂

Zoe now has an American Doll. On receiving it, she remarked that it had flat hair. My mom and sister did research to find a doll that looked like Zoe. This doll even has blue eyes! So, we explained to Zoe that she had “flat” hair because she looked like Zoe and her hair was fine like Zoe’s. She was okay with that. She loves this doll and sleeps with it every night.

I love seeing the granddads lovin’ on the babies! I hate this picture turned out so blurry.

Watchin’ the train with Granddaddy.

Ah ha! Someone got a Josiah for Christmas!

Toys! Yippee!

Coloring pad…oh yeah!!! My aunt picked this out not knowing that Zoe was an “artist in training” Way to go Aunt Diane!

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