Our Thanksgiving Feast Part 1

It’s just us for Thanksgiving. This is our first Thanksgiving at home since we’ve been together (which is 11 years). This is the first time I’ve prepared anything for Thanksgiving. While I had visions of fun crafts and learning activities with the kids this week, unfortunately, my body had other plans in getting sick.

So, now it’s trying to keep it to the minimal and then watching the parade in the morning while I finish up the cooking.

Here’s what we’re having (if anyone wants a recipe, email me):
Herbed Turkey Breast (don’t even get me started on my feelings of raw poultry and handling it…gag! I tried to talk Mark into a ham but he wanted turkey…so I compromised…beside what we’d be eating a whole turkey for months on end.)
Green Bean Casserole
Creamed Corn (very yummy, made with cream cheese)
Southern Cornbread Stuffing (courtesy of everyone’s fav Southern chef, Paula Deen)
Sweet Potato Casserole
Dinner Rolls (homemade, thank you very much)
Watergate Salad (or affectionately known in my growing up circles as Green Stuff)
And for dessert:
Banana Pudding (very yummy and creamy recipe)
Apple Pie (with fresh apples from Grandmere and Papa)

We are going to be soooo full!!! But it’s all of Mark and my favorite Thanksgiving foods scaled down to our small family.

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