Calling All Sidekicks

We’re gearing up for our second annual NF Walk.  And that means it’s time to fund raise for Children’s Tumor Foundation and research to end Neurofibromatosis.

I bring to you Emmie’s NF Walk 2017 Fundraiser.

We’re selling them for $10 each (plus shipping if needed) and will run the sale until June 30th.  So, who is ready to show support for our pigtailed super hero?

If you want to grab a shirt, complete the contact form below.  Let’s get this fundraising train started!

See you in Seattle!

At the end of March and first of April, I had the great privilege to attend the NF Symposium in Seattle.  Not only that, but I also participated in the Children’s Tumor Foundation’s Volunteer Leadership Committee.  It was a great experience and, as it turned out, my roomie for the weekend was also newly pregnant.  We were able to commiserate together and I succeeded in getting us a little lost too!

We go there Thursday afternoon and were able to do a little touring before the training started the following day.

Of course we visited the Space Needle.  This was my second time there and just as neat as the first time.

We also hiked down to Pike Place.  This was a vat of fresh cheese.  I really wanted it but my pregnancy belly said, “nope…you don’t.” A scalpie for Facebook.  This is an ongoing joke about my parents who are also known as the self-proclaimed “Scalpie Pros.”

I don’t know what I was doing here.  Proof positive that I take the corniest pictures.

After walking endlessly, we finally found a place to eat…

We had pizza…and it was so good ya’ll!

The coolest thing was finding Benedict Cumberbatch’s doppleganger on the train.  Well, Cumberbatch as Sherlock.

Mark didn’t agree but from a distance, trust me, Random Train Guy looked like him.

Aside from the fun touring, I learned a lot about what exactly Children’s Tumor Foundation is doing and there is so much hope for treatments for Emmie in the future!  It is great to be raising funds for an organization who has a passion for research and integrity.  I told Mark that after learning all that CTF does to fund research, I am even more encouraged in supporting their efforts to end NF!


Speaking of CTF, join us on our next walk coming up in September OR donate to Team Super Ems’ Sidekicks!

March 2017 Randoms

Our cute and silly in March. This girl!   And this young lady! A very happy Chi! Super Ems and her brace with her baby and baby’s new brace. Emmie loved sliding with Ace. And playing squeeze in the cubbies! I missed PJ day at Bruster’s but the kids and Mark carried on the tradition. Zoe was accepted into the Foreign Language Honor Society for excellent work in Spanish 1 and 2 (I did not include all of her other languages on duolingo, mango and memrise). I managed to eek out two pies for pie day….first trimester struck but I pushed through. Someone became toofless in March. Emmie learned that silly faces are fun to make in windows.

The boys busied themselves during American Heritage Girl meetings.

Happy Birthday, CeiRai!

Ceili Rain hit the big ol’ eight years old.

Her birthday was on a Sunday which means, I completely forgot to get a picture of her cake (we took it to church to celebrate).  She chose a chocolate cake with chocolate chip mint icing.  It’s safe to say that this first trimester had me off my game in the birthday cake department.  But, I’m told the cake was super tasty. When Malachi got his birthday gift from us, Ceili Rain found one and asked if she could do that for her birthday.

On her actual birthday, she got one something from us and a little something from her cousins.

And brothers with boxes on their heads have to be in the pictures.

Papa and Grandmere got to celebrate the day before her birthday.

Later in the month, she got to celebrate with Ge and Granddaddy.

Because I felt so bad, I never posted on Facebook about how awesome our second girl is.  We are so glad God chose to give us this girl.  She is a true celebration of Him!  She loves her siblings but knows how to defend herself.  She is the resident first aid responder and takes her job of finding and applying bandages very seriously.  I can not wait to see what the Lord is going to do in her life.

Happy Birthday, Number 5!

Malachi turned 5 years old in March.  It was a crazy busy day but thankfully, he went with the flow.

The requested cake was a chocolate cake with chocolate icing and Nexo Knights.  Still making it through my first trimester, this was the best I could come up with!  I would like to thank Lego for having printable party stuff on their website. They saved me.

We decided Build-a-Bear is a great fifth birthday deal and he agreed.  After an afternoon of fun at Chuck E. Cheese’s, we headed over to the mall to see what he would come up with.

His choice, a KyLo Ren bear.  Complete with light up sword.  He was happy.

Since we were at the mall, he decided his out to eat would be the food court.  This worked out great because the girls had a meeting to get to!  We opted to do presents at the mall too.

The S.W.A.T. team showed up!

Later in the month, he got to visit with Ge and Granddaddy who gave him the world’s coolest Storm Trooper shirt!

Off on an Adventure

Liam had a great chance to strike out with his grandparents, Papa and Grandmere and his cousin buddy (the one closest in age to him).  They adventured around Florida, visiting family, and took a couple of tours.

This was March.  It was still a little chilly in Florida but it didn’t bother Liam too much.  He loves water!  And fast water slides.

They got a great tour of the Kennedy Space Center.

They also got to tour the Wycliffe Bible Translators campus.  The boys were quite impressed and Zoe was very jealous.

One of their last stops was to visit cousins.  These are special cousins to us as they have been praying for us and Emmie and our adoption for so long.  So grateful for Facebook to get to know them and then for an opportunity for Liam to visit them and see all of their amazing plane memorabilia!

I know they had a blast and made a lot of memories but all of us were so glad to get our Liam back!  As an added bonus, we got to visit with cousin H at our drop off point!

And cousin H tried to take my dog!

February 17 Randoms

As Facebook is wont to do, an ad appeared in January that grabbed my attention.  I totally succumbed to the click bait and fell in love.  With my new found fondness, I created a LoveBook for Mark for Valentine’s Day.  It was totally fun, unique, and completely us.  Each page is a different reason I love Mark.  Complete with my unruly and curly, frizzy hair and Mark’s beard.  If you have a loved one who is difficult to buy for, this is just the thing!  Mark loved it, by the way. Emmie pregnant with a ball.  Funny as it is, this was right before we found out I was pregnant.  She cracked me up walking around with this ball under her shirt. Born a fighter and cute! Getting ready for a night at the theater.  Our local college put on Camelot and four of the nine wanted to go see it.  They all enjoyed it and only Malachi slept through the second half. All kinds of cute. Static Slide Hair times 3.
I took four of the kids to see Winter Jam this year.  They occupied themselves in line by drawing in the sand. Everyone enjoyed it but Silas fell asleep towards the end. Speaking of falling asleep.  She is precious when she crashes on me. Zoe won the t-shirt design contest for her local AHG.  They’ll be modifying it to work on an actual shirt but I thought she did an amazing job. Two cute kiddos reading books.  Note Emmie’s crossed leg to hold up her book!

This is what my house looks like when we come home from the library.  They act like they don’t have two weeks to read all their books.
Emmie rocking her new outfit made by moi! Mark took Zoe, Ace, and four of Zoe’s friends to cash in on her birthday gift….a trip to Mastermind Escape Games.  They had a blast and escaped with five minutes to spare.

Braced Again

Emmie got her seventh (I believe that’s right) brace in February.  Thankfully, this brace wasn’t on her neck!  We talked a big game leading up to Brace Day and she was excited to pick up her Super Ems Brace.  She never once complained about how long it took (a little over an hour) to get it fitted just right.  She was up to the required 20 hours before the week was over.
I had to get Emmie this dress that reads, “I’m a super hero.”  She totally rocked it too! Are we excited or what?!  Actually, she went through a phase in February where we would say, “Smile.”  And this was the result.  We now get a half a smile.
A quick picture before we hit the road to go back home…my poor photography skills. The next day, though, I caught her silliness along with a Bryant photobomb.

She happily showed off her brace for me!

In another month, she’ll have x-rays to see if her spine is stable and we’ll meet with the orthopedic surgeon (as well as several of her other doctors and have an MRI).  Please pray her spine is stable and she can go to nighttime with the brace.  I’m anxious to get her fully potty trained before baby comes along.  That is impossible with this brace.  She’s not secure enough in going to just wear undies over the brace.  This means we have to take the brace off every single time she has to go to the bathroom…and then put it back on. The suggestion was made to just put the pull up over the brace…I’m not cleaning that up ya’ll.

One Year!

February 17th, 2016 will be one of those days we’ll never forget in our family.  That was the day of Emmie’s spinal fusion in her neck.

For this one year, we celebrated big time by going to an indoor playplace.  It was a huge hit for all the kids!

We followed it up with her favorite supper, chicken nuggets and fries.

And cupcakes that she picked out, ate the icing off and was happy as a clam.

Looking at where we were a year ago, we are in awe of all God did for our beautiful little super hero.  We have no clue what is in store for our amazing girl but we thank God for each day she is acting like an almost three year old and for all He has done for her these past three years.

Goodbye Hello

It hurts to have to post this but this was a significant part of our life and I like to keep these kinds of records.  One morning at the beginning of February, I set out on an early morning to get to a dentist appointment.  As I tried to turn out of our neighborhood, I failed to realize there was a blind spot and got a little to close to a gentleman’s truck bumper.  It was scary, but thankfully I was not hurt.  To be clear, I have not had a wreck in well over twenty years.  It had been raining and when I realized there was a truck there, I slammed on my breaks and slid in to the truck.  I think he was slowing down too which, I think, kept both of us from getting seriously injured.  I was also in our big ol, super safe Taurus and didn’t even feel a bump.  Believe me when I say the picture looks much worse than it actually was.

The sad news is that we had to tell our beloved Taurus goodbye.  Really, ya’ll. This car was amazing.  My least favorite part of being an adult is going car (or appliance) shopping.  Mark knows this and he did his best….for both of us….to minimize our annoyance.

We found a nice Hyundai and are all set.  While it’s smaller and not as nice as our Taurus, it does get great gas mileage and it’s what we need right now.

It’s not red!  Oh what were we thinking?!

Taking Emmie to an appointment in Atlanta, I hit 42 miles per gallon ya’ll!  Of course, that was before I had gotten in to Atlanta.