The Pages Tour

Last night, Mark and I went on a date (with Josiah) to see Shane & Shane, Bebo Norman, and Monk & Neagle in concert. Now, for those who are not versed in Contemporary Christian music, they’re singers, strange as their names may be. Mark and I thoroughly enjoy Bebo Norman’s music. I much prefer his earlier acoustic music but that’s just me.

Yesterday was also one of my best friend’s birthday. So, I conspired with her husband to get her to the concert. She had mentioned to me earlier in the month that she liked all of those artist but I knew she would never get tickets to go see them. Her husband arranged childcare and Mark and I got the tickets for her. I believe she was very surprised. Unfortunately, they got to the concert before we could, so I couldn’t see her face when they arrived. Oh well!

It was a wonderful concert. I personally, enjoyed Monk & Neagle’s set the most. We didn’t stay through all of Shane & Shane. We have school today and Josiah was a little gassy and stinkin’ up the place and grumpin’ too. I really enjoyed Shane & Shane too. Of course, Bebo Norman was awesome. All that to say, if you live near where they are going to be, go to the concert! It’s worth $10 to see all those artists.


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