Play Ball!

One of the highlights of the summer reading program is free tickets to Augusta Greenjackets baseball game.  The game came the week after Emmie’s emergency trip and just before her halo traction.  The problem we had was that we only had five tickets but there were eleven of us (counting Y the Brave).  A neighbor had offered to get tickets for people through his work and we contacted him on a whim.  Not only did he get us the extra tickets, but he got us tickets in reserved seating.  On the first base line.

Oh ya’ll.  The looks on all of our kids faces when they met the baseball players and saw the action up close and personal.  It is definitely something I won’t soon forget.  We all had a wonderful time.  Got bobblehead dolls and watched our Y the Brave experience America’s past time for the the first time.  Their biggest highlight was not having to stand in line at concession and getting the unlimited popcorn and soda!

DSC_2427 DSC_2430 DSC_2431 DSC_2432 DSC_2434 IMG_20150807_203521076About the sixth inning, it started pouring.  I mean really pouring.  We all raced to the covered stadium, danced and laughed.  This was definitely a wonderful memory before all the stress and uncertainty.

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