Please pray

I know I haven’t actually written anything in awhile. Life here is busy. I guess I have my “hands full.”

My dad went last week for a “routine” stress test per his doctor after his physical during Christmas break. It came back abnormal and he had a heart cath done today. It came back with lots of blockages in his heart, so he’s in the hospital awaiting surgery. Mark and I will head out to see him tomorrow afternoon (with my extra appendage, aka “the nursing Josiah”). Mark’s mom (I think) is going to watch the rest of the kids for us…she needs LOTS of prayer!

I think it was Richard Swenson who said, “Live life expecting the unexpected!” (from his book Margin).

All else is well here. Except that we pooled together gift cards that the kids received and purchased a Fisher Price digital camera. We’re on our second one (the first one wouldn’t open to put the batteries in) and now it won’t turn on and we can’t get the pictures off of it (not that they were art quality pics but Zoe took some cute ones of Josiah). I’m baffled and about to try a different brand. We’ll see if Master Engineer and All Around Genius of the House can get it working (the above described would be my sweet and more patient better half).

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  1. Abbie,

    sorry to hear about your dad, but I’m glad he is at the hospital getting the care that he needs. We will be praying for his upcoming surgery as well as you and Mark and the kids as you travel.

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