Potty Update (for those that really want to know)

This past Friday, Ace, Superman (his toy), and I had a little talk. Ace asked me what he was wearing (pointing to his pants). I told him underwear and that Superman was a big boy and went potty. He said, “Like you a big girl, and Zoe a big girl, and daddy a big boy.” I told him yes. He told me he wanted to be a big boy too. So we talked more about how he had to go potty. This is something we’ve talked about a lot but this time, I encouraged Ace to take Superman to potty…and he did…and did so some during the weekend.

So, Monday at MOPS, I’m going around checking on the kids rooms and Ace comes walking out of the kids bathroom with his pants down asking for help. I go in and help him dress before he loses his dignity and his teacher told me he had asked to go potty. Then he said he had to go again during MOPS!!! YIPPEEE!

So, Tuesday he had one accident (mostly due to me not reminding him to go) and Wednesday we went back into undies (why, Superman of course). He told me he had to go potty once during supper on Wednesday but I mostly reminded/encouraged him to go through out the day and he had no accidents.

Today has been great! He’s gone to try and potty every time I’ve told him. He even told me before nap he had to go potty. I’m still putting training pants over him at nap. I’m hoping we’re in the last potty training stages. This still gives us about 10 weeks to get fully trained and comfortable before Josiah gets here! If he stays dry today and tomorrow, I’m chunking the training pants and we’ll just use disposable pull-ups for church in the morning.

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