The Roar of Love


(okay, I didn’t realize until I was getting ready to put these pictures on here that she was making those faces…it’s the makeup, I guess, but I promise she doesn’t always look half drugged)

and Ace!
(he’s the one with the black shoes)

The Stars with the man who made it all happen (notice Zoe’s pose)!

Mark’s parents came down to see Zoe and Ace perform. We were thrilled that they got to see them. Zoe and Ace are both saying they want to do soccer next year. We’ll see. I’m going to miss ballet but I know they need to try different things.

Okay, one of the coolest things (besides seeing my kids on the “Southeast’s largest stage”) was Focus on the Family being there! We were so surprised and thrilled. There was a video intro from Jim Daly the president of FofF and there was one of James Dobson’s personal assistants! How cool is that??!!

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