Saturday “Mommy’s Away” update

Well, our little super-troopers held out until about 9:30p.m. last night at the movie. I think Ace would have watched the whole thing (it had dinosaurs, cowboys, horses, lions, etc. in it), but Liam was “goofy-tired” and Zoe was just plain ready to go. We did outlast the Blands and the Ledbetters, though, so there’s something. They were finally asleep around 10 last night, but of course, they did not sleep in this morning. We got up, took a shower, got everybody ready, ate breakfast, did our chores, and were ready to go to the park at 10:30. We played there until about 11:30, then on the way, the kids found out they had Chick-Fil-A coupons for free kids’ meals in the goodies bags that were being handed out at the movie. A new church in the area was the sponsor and they really did a great job…not just the goody bags but they had Sno-Cones, popcorn, soft drinks, etc. in plenty. So, we continued past the house and had lunch at C-F-A, nearly free. The fun didn’t stop there, though…after we got in, the kids got their swimsuits on and we (I) washed the van. The kids mostly got themselves wet – lots of “Daddy, spray me!!”. Now everyone is asleep or quiet and I have washed the Saturn. On to other chores and duties…I’ll try to wrap up the day after they go to bed.

(No pictures because Abbie has the camera, but I did get some video of the them playing in the water, so you’ll see that later.)

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