September Randoms

This girl loves all things furry.  I think Lulu is saying the feeling is mutual. Some school days are normal…and then there are days when I teach a camo boxing clown!

Zoe had remarked to us a time or two that she couldn’t read things far away.  Words on the TV etc were getting hard to read.  So, off to the optometrist we went.  He found that her right eye was great but the left was a little off.  She needed glasses when looking far off.  Even though it is only a little off, she can definitely tell a difference.  Pay no attention to her photobomber in the background…life with brothers. Some days Emmie just needs to nap in a chair with a book about Star Wars.
As I mentioned earlier, Zoe is taking a Greek class.  These are her study notes.  Posted on my kitchen wall.  And her collection is growing. I think it’s pretty cool that she figured out a good way to study! These two boys were less than excited a year ago when we moved them into a room together.  However, this is their nightly bedtime routine now.  They read together until lights out.

Oh, just a normal lazy Sunday afternoon working on our computers…note the teenager in the background using hers too.

If ya’ll know me personally, you know there are two things that gross me out as a parent. Toes and teeth.  Give me a gash that needs staples or stitches.  Show me that bloody scrape but please, for the love of not seeing my last meal, do not make me pull a tooth or show me one hanging on by a thread.  I just can’t handle it.

But, alas, after fourteen years of mama-ing, it happened.  Mark had a meeting to go to and the girls had American Heritage Girls.  I took the crew with me.  As they were playing on the playground, Malachi let out a big cry and came running with a bloody mouth.  My insides started to turn.  Surely, this couldn’t be happening.  But it was!  The tooth that had been threatening to come out had to come out.  It was just dangling there.  He wouldn’t touch it.  I sucked it up….held my breath and pulled.  Out it came just as I started to gag.  Thankfully, I did not lose my supper. Mark ventured out with Ceili Rain to see a ballet production of Beauty and the Beast.  It was a last minute date night but definitely worth it.  She had a wonderful time and even Mark said the ballet was amazing. I have wanted to do an escape room group date with friends for a long time.  We grabbed up a groupon for one and let it sit for several months before we realized it was going to expire around the time Tobin was going to be born.   So we made plans to go and grabbed up some friends.  We had space for two more and a walk in couple joined our group too.  It was definitely fun!  We escaped with six minutes to spare and a little help from the referee/overseer/whatever.  I can’t wait to go again.
There is one thing I have craved this whole pregnancy…ice cream cones.  This one…did not meet my expectations, but it was still good.

Some days it’s hard being a dog in this house and you just pass out with your tongue hanging out.  For real Tot, we feel ya.

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