September Randoms

IMG_20150909_093636936 Emmie had to hold everything during pin cleaning.

IMG_20150907_182307690 Some sweet neighbors knew we enjoyed a bit of cupcake.  Emmie didn’t disappoint.

DSC_2576 DSC_2569 DSC_2567IMG_20150909_195605783 Awana Backwards Night.  Our volunteers get creative!IMG_20150912_132859202Leg Warmers…for Arm Warmers

IMG_20150914_131034486Lovely cool weather meant we had to get to the park.
IMG_20150914_131908263 IMG_20150914_174404859 Total homeschool fail.  Two guesses what these guys are supposed to be.

IMG_20150915_112551792Cape Day 2014 for Children’s Hospital of Atlanta…Hopefully I can get her sidkicks outfitted for next year.IMG_20150915_141936510 Ballerina in training.  Toes pointed for nap time.IMG_20150916_194144243 IMG_20150917_183045804 IMG_20150917_183310739 IMG_20150919_090408772_HDR Argghhh!  We never miss Talk Like a Pirate Day at Krispy Kreme!  Free donuts be our booty!IMG_20150919_090418680 IMG_20150928_121932814 She stole my grilled cheese sandwich.  And liked it.IMG_20150930_192525913

Daddy and Emmie Selfie

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