She’s Growing Up!

Well, it has happened. Zoe has officially started growing up (as if she wasn’t before…) I’ve been told that as the doer of the deed, I have the privilege of posting the account.

So here’s the short version: I pulled Zoe’s first loose tooth tonight.

Long version: Zoe’s tooth has been loose for several weeks now and she has been working it with her tongue and finger. Tonight I realized that she had worked it to the point where it was “literally” about to fall out. I grabbed some gauze from the first aid kit and went to work. After trying a few times with just my bare fingers, I remembered what my Dad used to do (I think) and used the gauze as a gripping tool. A good firm tug later and it was all over. She cried some (later she told Ace “I didn’t really cry very much”) and we applied a little pressure to stop the bleeding. She was a trooper and calmed down, especially when Mommy let her call the grands and announce her news.

OK, the picture follows. Not very gruesome, but the socket is pretty fresh (not bleeding, though). Enjoy.

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