Showered with Blessings

I’d love to post pictures from my friends baby…no, toddler…no, adoption shower. But I didn’t bring my camera because I’m pregnant and completely forgot.

I had the great privilege of helping a friend plan a shower for our other friend who has completed her adoption for her daughter. Not sure how I helped, though, considering I couldn’t cook…just got last minute things and the invitations. Here’s some of K’s story.

Her and her husband came to visit our church when I was helping in the nursery, signing people in and showing people where to go…a greeter. Anyway, when I met them with their little “daughter” I helped them get around, found out they needed a class to go to and sent them to ours. They were great! I loved getting to know them. It wasn’t long after that they joined our church and that I was able to talk with K. Who I thought was their “daughter” was actually their foster daughter. Unfortunately, they were not able to have kids but instead of closing their hearts and home to children, invited them in through fostering. They felt that was the way they could minister to so many families in our area. Boy, have they done a lot of ministering in several years.

They really wanted to adopt their foster daughter that they first brought to church, however, it was not in God’s plans for them to do so. On July 6th, 2007, only three days after she was born C came into their lives. K didn’t have to go through the nine months of carrying her (although she had been praying for a baby for several years), but she was able to walk out of the hospital with her. C is only five days younger that Josiah and it has been so much fun this past year watching her and Josiah grow up (Josiah was 9 lbs at birth, C was 4!). C was also born on Mark’s birthday which is really cool. K told me she always thought that God would give them a girl and they always had a name picked out for a girl. So, we all started calling her by the name M & K picked out.

However, she was always Baby Girl on paper and to the state, until Wednesday. We were thrilled (okay tearfully excited) when K announced that Baby Girl was now C and had a last name too! This little girl has been prayed for from us since Mark and I met M & K. So, for two years we have prayed with, cried with, and hoped for them to have a child to call their own. God has answered that prayer and in the sweetest way.

Lots of fun tears at this shower. K has never had a baby shower before, and it was so much fun just to be able to pamper her…even though she tried to do stuff and help. Since C is not a baby baby anymore, M & K got to register for some fun toys which I’m sure they’re all playing with right now.

Oh, and M & K are still answering the call to foster children in their home and have two other children living with them, both 5, both boys! They are definitely called to care for others children and have shown that calling as we’ve seen children turn around so beautifully in their care.

Thanks Annette for letting me help here and there. It was an honor. And after I helped, I came home, ate a little, and then slept for over an hour…phew!

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