Well, Zoe has started having night terrors at night. She’s done it twice this week. Mark and I were a little scared by it and did a little research last night. Apparently, it can be due to being overtired and there’s also a way to help it go away. We’re going to work on getting her to nap or getting her to bed earlier than the boys. A night terror is when a child wakes up within two hours of sleeping crying and screaming. Sometimes they walk around the room. Their eyes are open and they can see things in their room but they aren’t awake. Zoe’s night terrors come with her looking and batting at things on her bed and crying when she looks at them. From what we found, you’re not supposed to wake them but just comfort them and try to get them to calm down. And they don’t remember it happening. It’s also hereditary, but when I told mom she said that I never did that. Last night she kept hitting at a small pillow on her bed. I prayed over her eyes and she calmed down almost immediately. I’m thankful that God helped her to calm down. Both times she’s done it I was close to calling our pediatrician…but thankfully she calmed down quickly probably within in 10 to 15 minutes.

Josiah is now doing much better during the day. He can put himself to sleep in the morning and in the afternoon. Now the goal is to extend nap time from 45 minutes to however long he needs to be rested. He’s also doing good at night. He still wakes a couple of times but Mark is able to get him back to sleep without much work and then he nurses at 5 or so in the morning.

Ace still has a fever that is fluctuating. It got up to 100.7 last night but he still acted fine with it. Weird!

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  1. Ahh, poor Zoe and mom! Adriana had night/nap terrors for a while, too. It was awful going through, but she eventually grew out of them. Now, I think she is sleepwalking! I hope adjusting her sleep schedule works and she (and you) get some rest soon.

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