Soccer Camp Ends!

Zoe’s finished with soccer…I believe for good. Did she have fun? Yes. But by Thursday she’d had enough of all that running. By today she was in tears ready to be done. Yep, the princess is not going to be playing soccer. We’ve talked with her and she wants to either do ballet next year or a theater ensemble group (which would be for one semester). Of course, we’re not surprised. She was pretty good and when she wanted to she could really go after the ball…but most of the time she didn’t want to. She would have rather just visited with the friends she had made (and of course she made many).

Parents versus kids! Tied 2-2.

Any guesses as to who really enjoyed soccer camp??

Yep, he may be small but he sure does love any kind of sport. He actually did some warm up with them this week and Ace joined in toward the end of the week. They both really enjoyed it but Liam loves sports and it was really evident this week. I know he is going to be so excited when he can actually get out there and play.

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