Somebody Help Me!!

So, I listened to some of Kevin Leman on Focus on the Family yesterday. One of his suggestions in dealing with temper tantrums, I decided to try. His suggestion: take the child, without speaking to him, and put him in his room until he calms down and then talk to him.

Of course, Liam and Ace both allowed me to try this technique out recently.

First off, Ace: I can’t remember exactly why he started his tantrum, but I put him in his room. He was in there for a little while when I heard, “Somebody help me.”

And then, a pause.

And then, “Oh Lord, please help me. Help me Lord, please.” This continued for about a minute until he calmed down.

Being the sweet sensitive mother I am, I was reduced to laughing silent tears, so he couldn’t tell I was right there.

And for Liam: Well, Leman didn’t take into account that when your child calms down he may actually be somewhere getting into something. No, his solution was that when you open the door, he’ll be sitting quietly clutching his sweet blankie. Leman hasn’t met Liam. This morning I walked into his room after about 5 minutes of a tantrum, he was on top of the dresser…standing up. I got him down, he did it again after pitching another tantrum. Yeah, Leman’s never met Liam. I don’t think this is going to work for him. Do you think if he breaks his leg, I could send a bill to Kevin Leman???

2 thoughts on “Somebody Help Me!!

  1. Liam seems like the kind of child who cannot be left unsupervised *at all*. Maybe an alternative to sending him to his room might be send him to a cuddle corner that is within your sight???

  2. oh, that’s hilarious!! total toddler. I don’t think being left alone in the room for a tantrum is exactly age-appropriate right now, based on your experience! lol that guy should’ve said some kind of disclaimer or caveat! 🙂 oh boy…..

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