Sweet Blessings

In light of what I posted yesterday, I wanted to relate two comments I’ve heard this week.

First off, I was at the grocery store yesterday and a lady came back, looked at me with my brood, and said the typical, “Are they all yours?”

I was waiting for the sarcastic look and scoff when I said, “Yes ma’am.”

She smiled bigger and said, “Oh, you are so blessed!”

Ahhh, what a sweet comment, and always needed in light of the other comments and stares I’ve received in the past.

In contrast, at church tonight, I had the kids out on the playground before they went to class. A mom of three and I were discussing tattle telling (a ever growing problem around here lately) and a grandmother had her two grandchildren out there and chimed in.

“I’m glad I only had one. I always thought I wanted nine until after the first birth and I said no way, not again, do whatever you need to do to keep it from happening again.”

Now, I don’t know exactly what her situation was with her first birth, but I felt really sad for her. And like I was wrong for my sweet blessings! I know that I am truly blessed with my children and can’t wait to see how many more children God will bring into our lives, through adoption, through our children, and however else! They are true blessings and I love seeing their innocence, their sweetness, and even their sinful natures, as they try to be more like me, and hopefully more like Christ.

In The Message Bible, it translates Psalm 127:3 as saying, “Do you not know that children are God’s best gift?”

I think sometimes it’s easy to forget that. They are the best gift despite all the whining, diapering, snot wiping, and, yes, even tattle telling. Then, I read or see how some mothers and fathers have to struggle because they are losing their best gift. Or their best gift struggles to catch up with his/her peers…wow! My children are my best gift. I pray it doesn’t take losing them to see what a gift they are. I am reminded daily as I pray for our minister and his wife, what a blessing…what a gift, my children are. Thank you for my gifts!

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