Sweet Gifts!

When Mark came home on Monday, a nice little package arrived after him. It was from a friend’s mother. I thought for sure it was a gift for Josiah, but when I opened it up, it was a gift for me! In the package were three cookbooks. The giver is an excellent cook and had been clearing out her cookbooks and thought of Zoe and me. When we were at her home three years ago for a wedding, Zoe ate up her cooking! She loved it. And she got equally excited about the cookbooks (one of which contained a picture of a mouse with two big ears and recipes from his theme park).

So, I thumbed through one book and found a yummy recipe for ginger cookies. Now, I’m not a cookie maker. I can bake with some of the best but getting nice made cookies from me is hard…not sure why. We decided to embark on the ginger cookies and along the way, the recipe called for honey. I got very excited. Mark’s brother has beehives and his hives produced over 30 gallons of honey (I believe that’s right) this spring. They brought some with them when we visited back in May. I have used it occasionally but then realized this recipe was just begging for some real raw honey.

The cookies are good. A little strong, since they are ginger cookies but good. Zoe really enjoyed them.

All this to say, thank you Mrs. F, and B&B for the sweet gifts. They are truly being used and experimented with! Maybe I can become a better cookie baker through this!

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