Happy 7th Birthday Ceili Rain!

Seven years of our CeiRai! She definitely marches to her own beat and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

She asked for a chocolate chocolate chocolate cake.  I made it trim healthy by using a recipe in the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook.  Then, last minute came a request for chocolate chips and marshmallows.  She was a happy girl.


Ceili Rain requested a crochet set.  I couldn’t find one for 7 year olds that had just what she needed.  So, I made her one.  Including a bag to hold it all in.  She was thrilled.


Ge and Granddaddy made her day with a knitting loom.DSC_4796
DSC_4787 DSC_4777

She asked for a girls’ day.  We spent the afternoon at a ceramics painting place and then watched Cinderella.  Mark set up a laptop with another move for the boys who just couldn’t handle Cinderella but most everyone eventually made it in to the living room to watch.


Play Kitchen

Well before Christmas, I started a hunt for an entertainment center to convert in to a play kitchen for Ceili Rain.  Yes, it was Pinterest inspired.  There were several designs but this one and this one were my main inspiration.

I landed this television stand at a Online Yard Sale for $25.

Everyone pitched in…

…and this was the finished project.

One happy birthday girl.

We used paint that we had on hand.  Including chalkboard paint.  We put a hook on one side for the apron and an old frame I painted on the other with chalkboard paint there.  Mark split the solid door and put a stable shelf in.  He moved the hinges to the bottom to make an oven.  The other door, Mark busted out the glass and put a solid piece of wood in.  He also added another shelf to that drawer for the fridge.   I used leftover fabric for the curtain and just put in a gathering stitch and used my hand dandy stable gun to adhere the curtain.

Mark used the old door pull holders for the stove knobs. He cut out a ‘J’ for the faucet.  I found a bowl at a thrift store for 25 cents.

Total we probably spent about $35 on it.  That look on her face is priceless!

Happy Birthday Ceili Rain!

 Three days after Malachi’s birthday, we celebrated our second princess turning four!  Her birthday fell in the middle of the week but her best friend’s birthday was the following Saturday so we decided to do a joint party for the girls!

So, here are the celebrations!

Ceili Rain opened some family gifts on the day of her birthday.

 And she had ice cream.  See.  I told her we would wait and do the cake for her party, but that we would have an ice cream bar on the day of her birthday.  She was good with that.

 Granddaddy and Ge came up in the middle of the week with her presents (and Malachi’s).

American Girl dolls are always a hit in our home.  This is a good time to mention that when Ceili Rain is extremely excited she gets really quiet.  I was a bit worried about her not liking the gift but she did the same thing with another gift!

Party day dawned!  She asked for a giraffe cake.  Thanks Pinterest.  So, here it is in process…

 And here it is complete.  That’s Megan’s cake on the side.  She asked for a hippo.  During the party we realized we should have had a Safari party with all these animals.

I stumbled upon a link to a website with animals that you could stuff at home.  Kristina and I were game for it.  So were the umpteen other kids we invited!  It turned out to be a great idea but it was all hands on deck to stuff twenty animals!

 Waiting in line.
We got little shirts and fabric markers to decorate for the animals.
Mark has nice handwriting.  He got to be in charge of the birth certificates.
Stuffed and ready!
 Present time!


Every once in a while.  Not often, but every once in while, Josiah gets a wild hair and wants to “fix” Ceili Rain’s hair.  Since she enjoys being a pampered princess, Ceili Rain willingly allows him to!

This is a tongue out kind of concentration.

The Diva’s new do!

Alright, I’ve got a son who needs a marriage contract.  Guaranteed to be able to fix his daughter’s hair!  I’ll teach him to braid too!

Ceili Rain’s Birthday Weeks

We ventured out a week before Ceili Rain’s birthday to start off her celebrations.  Mark felt we needed to do it then rather than trying to get out on the day of her birthday.  Good thoughts considering Malachi and I came home from the hospital on her birthday.  And, she’s three, and doesn’t really care when or where we celebrate.   The longer the celebrations the better!

They proved to be longer too.  She received gifts from Ge & Granddaddy while we were in the hospital and was able to celebrate with Papa and Grandmere on her actual birthday.  As far as the cake…which we were informed was very important when singing “Happy Birthday!”  Well, that came the day after her birthday.  Mom just wasn’t up to snuff to decorate on the day of.  She didn’t seem to mind having to wait one more day for her cake though!

So, for her birthday, we took her to Build-a-Bear.  We thought, at three, she would surely enjoy making her own decision and decorating a bear to go with it!  She did.  She was in total heaven!

 She had a lot of help picking out an animal to stuff.  
But, in the end, she knew what she wanted… pink bunny with daisies all over it.
She still wasn’t quite sure what was going on.
But, then she saw the almost finished product.
We all stuffed her full of hearts.  

Then Ceili Rain took her to bathe her.  A job she took very seriously.
And, then she choose her name.  Daisy…how appropriate.  When we got home though, she told us her name was Prissy…except she couldn’t add the ‘r’ in Prissy so it came out…well, you know.  I think she’s since stuck with Daisy.

Celebrating at the hospital with Ge & Granddaddy!
And here at our family celebration the day after.  Ace took these pictures and I think he did a good job if I do say so myself.
As, I decorated her cake, she informed me that she wanted a “queen” to go on her head…not just her cake.
I didn’t take this in to account and had not gotten her a crown.  We quickly remembered that Zoe had this tiara from a long time ago and she promptly got it and plopped it on Ceili Rain’s head.  Happy Princess!
When we were discussing cakes, she first told me she wanted a chocolate
cake in the shape of a “queen” (that’d be a crown), but then, by no
coercion on my part, decided she wanted a chocolate cake with chocolate
icing and m&ms and a crown.  I’m still patting myself on my back
that I remembered to pick up Valentine’s M&M’s in February…and
that I hid them from myself and the kids until her birthday.  So, here
is her cake request in all it’s glory!

The Destructo Duo at their Cutest

A couple of weekends ago, I braided Zoe’s hair in small braids so that when she woke up on Sunday and took them out she had wavy hair. She loves that! Ceili Rain saw it and asked for braids too. Braiding a two year old’s hair in tiny braids…um, yeah, she doesn’t stay still…wasn’t happening. So, I curled it in sponge rollers instead. And while she fussed at night, she didn’t take them down. And this was the result. Too precious!And it stayed curly for two days.

 We’re big Awana buffs…since Mark is now the sole Commander of our club!  Bryant’s ready to be a Cubbie if he can figure out how to get the vest on.

Wednesday’s trash day.  It doesn’t matter where Ceili Rain and Bryant are, when the trash truck comes through they come running to our school room and sit at the window.  And sometimes, they get along and do this!  Josiah’s pretty excited to watch too but not as much as the Destructo Duo is!