Merry Christmas everyone!

What a wonderful day to celebrate the birth Jesus, our Savior. We slept the latest of any Christmas day I remember (even when I was little).

Mark tried to get the kids up by “Ho, Ho, Ho” but we found out later, Zoe just cringed and hid under her blankets. Oh well, we’ll try next year.

The kids didn’t get up until 7 and then we headed in the living room to see if Santa brought anything. He did…thankfully, he didn’t have to stay up too late putting it all together.

Zoe got an art easel.
Ace got a red bike with a Spider man helmet (he needed specifics, and then he decided for the longest time today that he wasn’t going to ride it because he’d fall…he rode it and didn’t fall…thanks to training wheels).
Liam got a Thomas train and small train set (Santa ditched the train tracks that had been passed down from a previous owner of the train table we have and replaced them with a simpler one with instructions, oh yeah!).
Josiah got a small activity cube (that we, delightfully, realized lights up).

Other gifts included educational and fun toys and videos to watch.

After opening gifts, we concluded our morning festivities with a hot breakfast that included the all-time famous tradition of Hot Fruit Compote and biscuits. This was passed down from my mom who got it from her sister-in-law (thanks, Aunt Diane, the tradition lives on).

After the adults got showers, we headed over to Ronald McDonald house to drop off our gifts. That being done, we then searched for a grocery store to purchase some things needed to make Friendship bread (my mom got a starter and she didn’t want to finish it so she passed it on to me). Did you know there are no grocery stores open in our town on Christmas day? Not even Wal-Mart. Oh well.

Got home, ate lunch, and Mark took the kids out to ride bikes while I made Merry Kiss-Mouse Pie and the Friendship bread (yummy is all I gots to say). We piddled the rest of the day and played with the kids and now their asleep so we’re rounding out the night with a movie!

Zoe had major meltdown from exhaustion about the time we were trying to finish up our “What God Wants for Christmas” and our advent calendar. We managed to survive and get to bed without any major incidences.

Merry Christmas! I pray everyone celebrated the birthday of Christ with Him in mind! Pictures to come later.

We Made It!!

Two huge suitcases full of dirty clothes (would’ve been more if I hadn’t forgotten to pack a couple pairs of undies for a few of us and we washed a load at my mom’s).
Four (I couldn’t thing of a three) extremely tired preschoolers (they were asleep by 7:30 last night).
Five nights of go, go, going here there and everywhere
Equals a night back at home.

We logged over 1000 miles traveling from here to Alabama to another part of Alabama to Georgia, to another part of Georgia and back to the first Georgia and then home. By Monday morning, we were sooooo ready to be out of the car.

The kids had a wonderful time and after our first night of no sleep, we actually had a “silent night.” Multiple ones in fact. The only other sleepless night was on Sunday night when Josiah got over tired and it got really cold in our room.

Josiah and Liam had fevers on Thursday but by Friday were feverless (yippee for breastfeeding). They both have very yucky colds but we used a vapor rub on toes and a humidifier and it’s been working well.

We enjoyed seeing all of our family but are all extremely grateful to be home.

Okay, so if you’re a new reader because you received my Christmas card, let me know by dropping a comment! Happy reading about our crew.

Yes, yes, pictures will be up this week just as soon as I…
finish plotting and planning grocery lists for the new year (I do three menus and rotate them out) and month.
getting ready for not one but two birthday parties (my babies are growing up)
and cleaning the house for end of Christmas season/birthday parties (see above)
all while juggling the adventures (and sometimes “mis” adventures) of our lovely clan of kids.

Sick Kids Update

Did I fail to mention that we were out of town celebrating Christmas with all our family? Well, we are. And we left yesterday afternoon. We arrived last night and ate quickly then shuffled the kids off to bed (napping in the car is very hard). Liam got a dose of tylenol. We laid them all down and Mark went down with Josiah several times before we went to bed. I went to lay down (Josiah’s in our room) and as I was dozing off, I started coughing, which woke Josiah up and eventually (because Josiah wouldn’t settle) woke up Liam (who was in the adjoining room). Josiah’s very congested. Liam’s running a fever. And I retreated to the room Zoe and Ace were sleeping in and got four hours sleep before going down to be ready to feed Josiah (who still was having trouble sleeping). I found Liam, Josiah, and Mark all in bed together. Mark eventually took Josiah upstairs and slept with him on the couch…a little upright. I got the “kicker” who finally settled down around 5. When I came back downstairs, Liam was very hot (but not literally on fire), so we gave him more drugs which helped to wake him up at some point when his fever went down.

So, all that to say, it’s not Christmas unless someone or multiple ones are sick in our home!!! I am very grateful that it’s just viruses, though.

Mark revealed one of my Christmas presents today. I had requested we do something for Ronald McDonald house. They house families, free, regardless of income, when their children are going through medical treatment. I wanted to take them a meal but came up with this Christmas wish list a little late and they were covered. They actually only have three families there right now and one is going home for Christmas. The other two have babies in the NICU and have been there so long, they didn’t have clothing for the winter. We are providing gift cards and we also picked up a little something for the babies. It reminds me how blessed I am that my children just have the sniffles and a virus. I also know how quickly that can change from watching family friends deal with the illness of cancer in their little one. So, I count my blessings no matter how sleep deprived I am!

Life around here is not boring!

Zoe’s night terrors have been non-existent for over a week. Hmmm, could it have something to do with us praying over her and with her that night?! I really think so because she won’t take a nap during the day to help with being over tired so nothing has changed in our routine.

Liam awoke during the night last night with a fever. I think he thought it was a real treat to sleep on the floor of our bedroom on a pallet. We let him sleep there because he was wide awake with the fever and we knew he would stay where we were. He did so good. His temp was 101.1 when we checked it last night. So far today it’s just gotten to 100.1 I’m guessing it’s the fever bug that Ace had.

I’m getting a little germaphobe because two of the babies in our church nursery have come down with RSV. Eek! I’m glad I’m nursing Josiah which greatly reduces the risk of getting the virus that can be very dangerous for babies.

And that’s life around here as we get ready to go visit families for Christmas! More later…

I Declare…

today to be pj day! Since we can’t really go anywhere until we know that Ace’s temp is going to stay down, we’re going to hang out in our pjs today. We’ll watch a movie, play games, and just have fun, hopefully.

If you get the privilege of staying at home with your children, a pj day is a must every once in a while. Lots of fun!

Go ahead…try it.

I Just Gotta Tell Somebody

Well, we found out that Mark’s sister-in-law was expecting. This was going to be #7 in our nieces and nephews line up.

We just found out tonight that it’s going to be #7 AND #8!

We’re soooo excited!!! This is the first set of twins on either side of the family. This will be #5 and #6 for them. The babies are due right around Mark’s birthday.

These next four weeks are pretty critical for the babies so please pray for them and for his sister-in-law.

Congratulations B&B and cousins! We are excited for these new little blessings from God.

Life around here…

I haven’t posted in a couple of days because there wasn’t much to post on. Our normal busyness and no one has been sick…at least I thought.

Mark got home and asked me if Ace felt warm to me. I checked him and he was running a temp. He also had a little bit of yummy potty stuff (okay diarrhea…not sure how etiquette goes in posting bodily functions but let’s just lay it all out there) this afternoon.

No MOPS, no church tonight. It’s going to be quiet around here as we all go through this bug (I really would like to believe it’s not a stomach bug but I have my doubts).

Besides that, Zoe and Ace had their ballet Christmas party yesterday and that was a lot of fun. Mark stayed home in the morning to watch them. That’ll be our last parents day in ballet until their last class…in January we start getting ready for The Roar of Love.

I finally broke down and got these baby cubes for Josiah’s baby food. I make all of his baby food and we travel a lot so I thought they would come in handy. They came in today (and I ordered them on Saturday…pretty good shipping I think). My initial review is that they are great. They tip over easy with very little or no food in them but they are nice and compact to carry out somewhere. I’ll cook some green beans tonight and see how they hold up in the freezer. Josiah doesn’t like them because they only hold 2 ounces and he just wants more and more and more. He eats until it’s pouring out of him…really. He does the same with nursing at times! Gotta love mushed up bananas. So far he’s had sweet potatoes, applesauce, bananas, and oatmeal. No objections from our little one on all fronts. I’m sure the beans will be a taste change but throw in a little sweet potato or fruit and he’ll be good to go.

That’s all for now I guess.

I promise

Pictures are coming. I have them all ready to go but just haven’t had the time to do them. I have three card orders that I’m trying to finish by the end of the week, plus school, getting ready for Christmas and my own personal Christmas cards…we’re busy as usual around here.

Josiah’s done good in his bed in the boys room. I’m still bringing him in bed with me in the morning to try and catch a few hours (I mean minutes of sleep).

Also, he’s outgrown the sink. His poor little knees were up by his ears when we went to bathe him in the sink the other day. We tried the baby bather from when Zoe was a baby but it didn’t work. Yesterday I got a pillow that sits in the tub and he loved it. He can still scoot down in it but at least he wasn’t scrunched up.

More later…sometime.